Michael H. Thompson, Special Effects Photographer and Painter

10557214_676913575728460_7404299299170579054_nMichael Thompson is a digital artist, photographer and painter.  He has been exposed to art his entire life while growing up in Cumberland, MD.  After graduating from Frostburg State University with a Bachelor’s of Art (Graphic Design) he moved out of the area and has returned with an appetite for creating fine art.  Starting in 2011 Michael started to create pieces for local juried art shows. Subsequent to having a few years of luck in those shows and some encouragement, he decided to make his first series.

Michael also shares exciting information  about the newest spring event The Allegany National Photographic Competition and Exhibition.

Michael’s Interview:

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Current Show: Metropolitan Coffee House

Thompson Art website 

Michael’s Facebook Page

Upcoming shows@ Saville Gallery 5/5-5/30 @ Eye for art in Oakland in August

For more information: Arts Council Events


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