Allegany Allied Arts; Queen City Film Festival


On today’s show we were lucky enough to interview the founders of the Allegany Allied Arts David Rorabaugh and Eve Soliz.  The Allegany Allied Arts hosts the Queen City Film Festival. The fourth year kicks off October 1-4 and is located at the Cumberland MD, Ramada Inn. The Festival features shorts to full length films in many different categories. The official schedule will be released on September 1, 2015 so make sure to plan your films accordingly. BUY TICKETS

Allegany Allied Arts has a busy October Check out all of there events!


For more information click on these direct Links: Allegany Allied Arts Website & Facebook Page 

    Allegany Allied Arts is also hosting a live music event: BUY TICKETS



A Halloween Film event featuring:

Tim Burton’s the Corpse Bride @ 2pm                                                The Rocky Horror Picture Show (celebrating 40 years)

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