The Podcast Episode #47; Michael Thompson and Timothy Gallagher



This episode marks our 1 year anniversary of Record. Talk. Listen. Michael Thompson, a veteran of the show joins us for his fourth appearance and Tim Gallagher.  We have put together a showcase of our favorite podcasts we subscirbe to and enjoy. This episode takes a turn to the  reflective as we discuss some of our favorite episodes of RTL over the past year, and where we want to take the podcast in the future.


Make sure share the love and check out the links below to Podcasts mentioned on the show.

This American Life  Ira Glass

WTF- with Marc Maron 

Joe Rogan experience

The Nerdist Podcast- Chris Hardwick

Dan Carlin – Hardcore History

Bill Burr – Monday Morning Podcast 

WNYC- Podcasts 



The Sporkful

Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin


The Moth Radio Hour

Cosmic Lion Radio– Eli Schwab