Community Trust Foundation; Sandi Rowland Sandi Rowland joins us to discuss the¬†wonderful resource that is ,The Community Trust Foundation. The Community Trust is relatively new to our area, but the concept has been around for nearly 100 years. The trust ensures that… Read More

Backbone Food Farm; Max and Katharine Dubansky #57 The Dubansky Family,¬†Back Bone Food Farm has been an important part of our community for 20 years. Their sustainable and organic methods are used to raise fresh, healthy safe-to-eat food.Max and Katharine join us today to talk… Read More

Shawn Hershberger, CEDC President Shawn joins us on today’s episode, originally from Cumberland, Shawn received a B.S. from Frostburg State University in Political Science, and Graduate Certificate in Community and Economic Development from Penn State University. After starting his career with… Read More