The 2nd Annual Podcast about Podcasts!



Well.. we made it to year two and celebrating this occasion I am joined by Mike Thompson and Tim Gallagher to talk about podcasts that we listen to and enjoy. This show has grown a lot over the past two years and we are looking forward to expanding even further in the future.  Thank you for listening tell all of your friends and family and contact the show we would love to hear from you!!

Here is our List of What we are listening to.. if you have suggestions please let us know!


Revisionist History- Malcolm Gladwell

More Perfect

Ringer (Bill Simmons)

The Dollop Comedy History Series

Keeping it 1600

Hear Me Monsters

Same Harris

Star Talk

Ezra Kline

Mike Thompson Seal of Approval True-Crime 

Up and Vanished


In the Dark

Someone knows Something