Robin Summerfield



Robin and I discuss some of the wonderful and positive things happening in our area, including how keeping a positive and supportive attitude can go a long way to helping new ideas be successful. We also discuss the importance of voting and being a part of the electoral process no matter what party you are affiliated with.

Robin has been involved in community organizing, advocacy, and public policy since 1999. His current position as a field representative for US Senator Ben Cardin makes Robin the eyes and ears for the senator in western Maryland. Robin travels between Frederick, Washington, Allegany and Garrett counties.


Check out Allegany Rising   a place for positive things in Allegany County!


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Robin reminding us it is never to cold to Grill


This is Andy the Career Change Lab find out more: HERE 

Dronesters: Featuring Brian Oxford and Andrew Hill


Andrew Hill and Brian Oxford of Dronesters join us on todays show. Brian and Andrew are a both freelance, graphic and website designers and have created an amazing ariel photography company using drones. Brian and Andrew are able to provide a different perspective in an easy to use platform that allows the client a quick view of what would otherwise be out of reach. Brian and Andrew helped me fly a their drone and it was a little nerve-wracking but in the end very easy to get the hang of.



If flying is something you are interested in here is a link to their Website, where you can find more information on starter drone.







As promised I have photos below of Podcast HQ and the beautiful views just above.

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The new owners of Dante’s Bar in Frostburg MD swing by for their first of many appearances on the podcast. They discuss annual events that they host and participate in throughout the year. Get to know your local music  and art venue and all of the wonderful weekly events. Check out the links below for more information and the ever-changing schedule of bands, art openings, and kitchen specials. Plan your weekends accordingly!


For a Full Schedule Check Dante’s Bar Website 



Bands Mentioned on the podcast: 

Bumper Jacksons 

Ill Doots 

Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers

The Plate Scrappers 


Mark Schimick 

Tussey Mountain Moonshiners 

Dale and the ZDubs

Optimus Riff 

541253_412299845461608_1420825817_nMixing Numbers with Sounds 




Allegany Allied Arts; Queen City Film Festival


On today’s show we were lucky enough to interview the founders of the Allegany Allied Arts David Rorabaugh and Eve Soliz.  The Allegany Allied Arts hosts the Queen City Film Festival. The fourth year kicks off October 1-4 and is located at the Cumberland MD, Ramada Inn. The Festival features shorts to full length films in many different categories. The official schedule will be released on September 1, 2015 so make sure to plan your films accordingly. BUY TICKETS

Allegany Allied Arts has a busy October Check out all of there events!


For more information click on these direct Links: Allegany Allied Arts Website & Facebook Page 

    Allegany Allied Arts is also hosting a live music event: BUY TICKETS



A Halloween Film event featuring:

Tim Burton’s the Corpse Bride @ 2pm                                                The Rocky Horror Picture Show (celebrating 40 years)

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Kyle Blake; Classic Car Enthusiast


Kyle Blake joins us for todays show, Kyle has been falling in love with classic cars since the day he was born. He is involved with multiple car clubs in the area and is the chairman of the Queen City Region Antique Car Club of America.  Kyle has two antique cars he drives on a regular basis and the jewel is “Vivian” an award-winning HOPF (Historic Preservation of Original Features) vehicle. Kyle talks about his dream 1932 car and about a fantastic event in September featuring Model T and Model A Ford vehicles.

Contact Kyle:





1964 Chevy Belair

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Jessica Muessen


Jessica joins us again discussing her Grateful Dead concert experience, and how her artwork helped raise over $13,000 for Head Count.ORG .  Jessica recently won a contest designing the new label for a wine by Chateau Diana . Jessica will be a part of an artist booth during the Lockin Fesiva.

Jessica will be opening her books again this September at Tattoo Nouveau for her beautiful tattoos.


Real Estate Experts, Debbie Grimm and Aaron Hendrickson

Everyone loves to look at Real Estate  and we were lucky enough to have two experts join us on todays show.
Debbie Grimm has been working in the real estate industry for over 30 years. As an agent, she was named REALTOR of the Year for the Historic Highlands Board of Realtors, and was honored by being designated as winner of the HHAR Community Service award on two separate occasions.
Aaron Hendrickson has been working in Real Estate for the past year and has a great mentor in Debbie, Aaron had the idea for this wonderful episode and we hope you find it helpful.
Click the link below for a direct download.

Meg Romero; Furniture-maker, Artist


Meg Romero joins us on today’s show. Meg is an award-winning furniture maker and artist, living and working in Cumberland, MD. Her furnishings inhabit a space with a lively, physical presence. She creates pieces that catch your eye but most importantly are functional.

Make sure to check out her website: Meg Romero Studio 


Where it all started… Meg’s First Piece 




Making Whoopie” video, by Dave Romero, Vibrant Image



The Concerto Bench 




Ryan Mullaney


Today on the podcast we  feature Ryan Mullaney from Mountainside Baroque. Ryan talks about this passion project that has been successfully picking up steam over the past five years. Ryan is currently studying for his doctorate in conducting at the University of Washington in Seattle. Ryan makes frequent visits to the east coast and we were lucky he made time for this great interview.


Moutainside Baroque Website 



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Rob Maker & Jeff Henry; Vinyl Guru x2


Rob Marker and Jeff Henry are making their second appearance on the podcast together! We have a lively conversation discussing all things vinyl from buying a turntable to what to look for when purchasing a record. If you were ever on the fence on pursing this fun hobby this will hopefully help you make the right decision.




Rebound Rob’s Rollin’ Records

How a Record is Made

Record Storage Solution