Tri-State Wing Off, Matt Miller


10329171_998325090181641_7789965534208873351_nThis week we were lucky enough to feature Matt Miller from the Western Maryland Jaycees on today’s show. Matt is the mastermind behind the successful annual Tri-State Wing Off. The success of this event allows the Jaycess to help fund grants throughout the year and help local non-profits, and 100% of the monies raised stays in the area.

This year the musical entertainment is stellar with Shooter Jennings headlining the event on June 20, 2015. Make sure that you get your ticket and vote for your favorite wings!


Tri-State Wingoff Website

Facebook Page

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Jeff Henry, Radio Host


376661_10151012531502657_970551811_nJeff Henry joins us on today’s Podcast. Jeff’s voice should sound familiar. Jeff has been a local fixture on the airwaves. Jeff has many names that he uses on air, but his most famous is Walt on WFWM Thursday @10pm. When Jeff is not on the radio he might be marrying people, hanging out with Gordon, and spinning @ Dante’s Bar in Frostburg for Martini Mondays. Make sure that you catch Jeff’s last show on WFWM and boogie down with Jeff before he heads north on a new adventure.  We hope Jeff starts his own amazing podcast to keep us from missing him too much!


Gordon the Cat



Dave Romero, Photographer


The majority of Dave Romero’s adult life was spent as an electronics engineer and strategic marketing executive in the semiconductor industry, his camera was never far from reach especially during his travels abroad. His photography during this phase of his life was primarily “street” and “travel” photography; discovering and “stopping in time” the people and sights he encountered.

In 1999 Dave “tested the waters” as a commercial studio photographer and designer servicing the photographic and marketing needs of professional artists. It soon became clear that this “other job” could be nurtured and transformed into a full-time pursuit.


Dave lives and works downtown and is very active in the events that happen in his front and backyard!


Check out Dave Romero’s Amazing Website


The Art of V


11180307_1598053287131814_3369179759253168405_nThis week on the podcast we feature three of the five Frostburg State Alums featured in The Art of V (5); Susie Bucchino, Sharon Schade, and Michael Thompson. They will be displaying their art in the Saville Gallery during the month of May. This show is unique showing of many different mediums and styles will be featured so you are sure to find something you like.


Art Opening Information 

The Allegany Arts Council 

Susie Bucchino paintings in oil936064_10205878947079723_4618235832778301176_n


Emily Dean paintings in oil


Steven Matthews – printmaking


Sharon Schade – acrylics/mixed media/ceramics


Michael Thompson – digital photography manipulations


Steven Leyh, Cumberland Comes Alive!



Steven joins us for an episode filled with excitement for the upcoming events in the Historic City Center of Cumberland and Canal Place. Steven has been working hard on getting top- notch talent to the area including some nationally known bands and great local talent. We feature some music in the podcast today to get you pumped and ready for the FREE live music every weekend during the Summer. If you were wondering what to do on the weekends look no further than in your own back yard. Check out the links below for more information!


Spotify Playlist  

Downtown Cumberland Facebook Page

Downtown Cumberland Website


Gregg Wolff, Orthopedic Surgeon


photoDr. Gregg Wolff joins us this week on the podcast, Gregg has been living and working in Cumberland for 20 years. He discusses the path that led to the Queen City and why he continues to live and work in the area. Gregg is an active participant in many boards locally and is always trying to help Cumberland reach its full potential. Gregg even throws in some medical advice we can all use especially during these warm months.





Dr. Wolff’s Website 










Nathan Forbeck, Gear Guru



Nathan is back and better than ever on this weeks podcast. Spring has sprung and people are shaking off the winter blues by getting outside and enjoying the weather. Nathan asks the age-old question do you need to up your camping gear game??  He discusses a great two pole tent system from Kelty and an amazing sleeping bag from Sierra Designs. He also gives some great advice on keeping your bike in riding shape especially for your first ride of the season.


Click the direct links below for more information about the items discussed on this podcast episode!

Back Country Bed Sleeping Bag 

Kelty Two Pole Tents


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Sarah Kaiser, Family Crisis Resource Center


1392730255Executive director Sarah Kaiser from FCRC joins us for today’s podcast. Sarah will be discussing all of the services that are offered through FCRC as well as there most successful annual  community fundraising event, Dancing with the Local Stars.


FCRC Website 

FCRC Facebook Page 

Dancing with the Local Stars Page 






Spring “Air” Break


1934032_137072483808_3347747_nRecord Talk Listen Host Lydia is featured on todays mini-podcast. Want to know what is next for the podcast? Listen to hear about our dreams for the future and why it is important for us to find sponsors for the longevity of the show.

Make sure to contact the show! Send us your feedback!



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Tri-State Community Gardens & Garden City Bees


10906466_708952005870083_513285532011979476_n 10402997_845590988841636_3656779872300990177_n

Welcome to our 20th episode and our spring spectacular! We were privileged enough to have two great interviews, one about a new community garden and a fantastic beekeeper who will make you want your own hive.




Tri- State Community Gardens Information: 


Facebook Page

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Garden City Bees 


Facebook Page

Beekeeping Course: 

Public Meetings for Beekeepers are held at the LaVale Library the second Friday of each month. 

Books: Beekeeping for Dummies, and The Beekeepers Bible 

The Flow Hive

The Naked Beekeeper


10858432_696710800427537_4028630439166882868_n                               10403563_696709247094359_1676039042755425830_n