Frostburg Fiber Depot Kids Camp; Jennie Clark

Jennie is back to discuss the second annual Kids Camp for beginner and experience knitters. Over three weeks in July you can join the fun for a weeklong camp as they explore how yarn and knitted things are made. Make friends, visit a farm, and come away with a much better appreciation of hand-made gifts.

Frostburg Fiber Depot is also celebrating their second anniversary be sure to join in the festivities on August 19, 2017!

To celebrate the marriage of Jennie and Billy she is having a 50% of sale from Now until July 12th!

To sign up for kids camp visit click HERE 


Summer Music Academy; Karen Lau & Brent Weber

Karen Lau and Brent Weber stopped by the show to discuss the FSU Summer Music Academy, in it’s second year and very much a passion project for Karen, they have grown the Academy and 24 students will be participating in this fun week long academy. The Frostburg State University Summer Music Academy was created with the mission to promote classical music education all over the world.  The Summer Music Academy will help the young students develop an appreciation of culture through musical experiences. This academy will bring top artists from around the world to the Western Maryland as guest artists and teachers and they will be performing in the evenings. The Academy and the concert series is runs from July 22-28 2017. All performances are in Peeler Hall at 7pm (3:30pm on July 22 only) in the Performing Arts Building on Frostburg State University Campus. Tickets will be available for purchase and children 12 and under are free.

For more information about the Academy visit their Website

Elesha Ruminski; Communication Leadership Lab


Elesha Ruminski joins us for a conversation about communication. Dialogue and communication are key to understanding. Elesha runs the Communication Leadership Lab at Frostburg State University. This lab started an important dialogue with the community of Frostburg of Maryland, and the students, addressing issues surrounding the community as a whole.

Get involved and engage!

For more information: 

Elesha L. Ruminski, Ph.D.,
Associate Professor, Communication Studies and Coordinator, Leadership Studies, 301-687-4480

Allegany Farmers Market

Clare from the Allegany Farmers Market joins us for todays episode. Clare and I discuss the two largest markets in Cumberland, MD and Frostburg MD located in the downtown walking mall and City Place. There are 25 farmers selling their organic, naturally grown, and conventionally grown produce. The variety of items on offer include meats, eggs, coffee, and value added products.

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Have a question or suggestion? Contact the market:

For more information on the Markets click HERE 

We also discuss the popular Winter Farmers Markets so you can obtain your produce year round and eat as seasonally as possible.

Find Frostburg

Bethany Doyle and Amber Hering discuss the upcoming urban scavenger hunt in Frostburg Maryland on May 13, 2018 from 1:00pm-3:00pm. Bethany and Amber joined forces and started their fact finding mission with Frostburg State University librarian Mary Jo Price.  This event is open to the public of all ages and will cost $20 per team, monies are being split between Frostburg First and The Frostburg Museum. For more information about the event click HERE

Scavenger Hunt Tips:

Teams of 2-5 people

Have your phones fully charged

Use good Time Management

Dress for the weather

Wear good walking shoes

Have fun!



Jen Browne Poetry

Jen Browne is back to help us celebrate poetry month, by reading selected poems including some of her own work. Jen is a staple of this show and has previously discussed the interactive poetry installation Walk, Read, Write that is filling the windows in Frostburg MD.

Jen issues an interesting poetry challenge for all of the poets listening and hopefully will inspire you to pick up a pen or some prose.

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Jessica Palumbo; The Arts in Frostburg



Jessica is back to discuss the upcoming events in Frostburg Maryland. Jessica starts the episode off by discussing the first Arts Walk of the year happening April 29, 2017 from 3-8pm. It will be held in the arts and entertainment center of Frostburg. The day promises to be packed full of fun and excitement for the art lover of all ages.

A new event being held May 13, 2017 from 1pm-3pm is Finding Frostburg . Be sure to have your phones charged and your team ready to solve riddles and win prizes in what is sure to be a great scavenger hunt!

Frostburg First is also encouraging artists to become members of Frostburg First as a way of connecting their services to local businesses and also staying up to date on artist related events in Frostburg.  Find more information HERE



How a Bill becomes a Law; Johnny O

Johnny O returns for his enlightening education on how our government works. We focus on the Affordable care Act repeal and replace bill, why it failed and how the Senate used its interesting rules to lay the ground work to avoid a filibuster and pass this flawed healthcare bill. Johnny O and I discuss the reasons healthcare costs have risen over the past two years and the idea of a single payer system.

This episode is full of information you might have to listen to it twice. If you want to be involved in politics be sure to read several news sources, and call your representatives at the state and federal levels.


Fracking Ban for Maryland; Annie Bristow & Carol Smith


The Fracking Ban movement in Western Maryland has been gaining momentum over the course of several years, and has culminated in legislation to Ban Fracking in the state of Maryland.  This grassroots effort faced a lot of challenges but was able to overcome them with hard and educating the public at large of the negative effects fracking would have on our area. It is never to late to get involved and this proves that the power really lies with the people. I am hoping that this episode inspires you to get involved in issues that are important to you to effect positive and long lasting change.


To support Bill 1325 without amendments, call the President of the MD Senate 888-997-5380.

Links to more information about Fracking: 

Citizen Shale     Don’t Frack Maryland 

Josh Horevay; Clatter

Josh  Horevay joins us for our 100th episode. He is cooking Appalachian fare for Clatter Coffee Shop located on Broadway in Frostburg Maryland. Josh is using his creative flare to introduce local seasonal foods into a coffee shop food setting. Do not miss his twist on a traditional bagel and the much anticipated PBJ &C. Clatter keeping all the food priced reasonably so you can ideally eat there daily.  Clatter is planning to open in the middle of March so be sure to stop in fuel up and say hello to Josh.