The Crystal Chalice Awards




Christopher and Shannon return to the show to discuss their annual Crystal Chalice Awards Ceremony to celebrate the amazing global community . A variety of awards will be given to local and global participates this year. They have booked a larger venue to host a variety of events that will coincide with the awards. Make sure to purchase your tickets early to plan your outfit, this is sure to be a fun evening.


For more information check out the following links!

Facebook Page


Frostburg Fiber Depot Turns 1 !!



Jennie Clark returns to the show to celebrate her 1 year anniversary. They will be hosting a party August 20, 2016 from 5-8 at the shop and unveiling new yarns. If you have ever wanted to knit, now is the time!

For more information check out their Website, Facebook & Instagram

Jennie is a well traveled knitter and she started her newest adventure by opening her own yarn store in August 2015. The Frostburg Fiber Depot specializes in lovely american made yarn and select international makers. Jennie always has a line-up of classes designed to nurture beginners and inspire the experienced artist. This area is full of wonderful knitters and this shop is a great space to encourage the growth of this community!


Greg Malloy; Artist


Greg Malloy is back for episode 80 to discuss his latest art show at the Gilchrist Gallery in Cumberland MD will be displayed for the entire month of August 2016. His latest show was inspired by the flowers in bloom after all the rain of the early summer. He has several large-scale pieces in this show, but has smaller art to help fill any empty wall you might have. Greg currently has his work displayed at City Hall and you can purchase his art at Mountain Shine Creative. Contact Greg Malloy via Facebook and his Website

Enjoy !



Wholesome Harvest is Open!



Suzy is OPEN for business and is back to discuss her beautiful shop filled with farm fresh produce and many other wonderful items.

Suzy joins us from Wholesome Harvest Foods  she has the mission to provide the community with healthy and high quality wholesome food from local sustainable sources, as well as offer products from sources that both strive to care for the environment and support living wages for farmers. Suzy opened July 1, 2016 and is looking forward to providing the local community access to fresh, locally grown whole foods. To help Suzy with her goal of providing what her community is interested in, fill out this simple SURVEY .  Be sure to Like her Facebook Page for more information.

Suzy loves her local community and so be sure to visit her and SHOP at 82 E. Main Street Frostburg, MD 21532!



Parris Ashley, Artist



I was lucky enough to sit down with the very talented Parris Ashley for this weeks episode. He is a graduate of Frostburg State University where he obtained his BFA magna cum laude. Parris has made Frostburg his home and enjoys adding his beautiful touches to the public mural projects around town. His art can been seen on Broadway in Frostburg, the Frostburg Pool, several local businesses. Parris is tackling his largest mural to date at Canal Place in Cumberland MD.

If you are interested in contacting the artist check out his WEBSITE and his FACEBOOK 




Dr. Johnny O “Brexit”


What is the “BREXIT”???   What happens now?

Dr. John O’Rorke is back  to help us clear up some questions surrounding the facts about the U.K. vote to leave the European Union.  Dr. O’Rorke guides through how the current economic times and changes in party alignment caused the voter to decide to exit as a simple solution.  With this comparative discussion I hope that this episode will help clear up and shine some light on the political process across the pond.

Be more informed… check out direct links below:

BBC         La Monde          NY Times      Washington Post 



Pirates Ahoy; Children’s Literature Center Frostburg State University


Mairead Farrell is back to discuss Pirate’s Ahoy!  The Children’s Literature Center at Frostburg State University is hosting this very popular annual event on July 13, 2016 from 9:30am-12:30pm in Frostburg Maryland. It will sure to inspire creativity and imagination in children of all ages and dressing up is encouraged. Mairead is in charge of this event and she has enjoyed planning it. This will be her last with the University before heading back to Ireland to teach.  So.. get your costumes ready, walk the plank, and dive into a world of fun!


Cartoon pirate

Basecamp Coffee Company


We went mobile for this episode and traveled to the Basecamp coffee lab. I wish podcast technology was advanced enough to include smell but for that sense you are going to have to seek out your own freshly roasted bag of Basecamp Coffee. Hayden created a special espresso blend, and it is delicious. Hayden has plans to open a coffee shop on Greene Street, he is hoping to create an environment to start your day or interact with your community.

Hayden is currently selling his coffee at the Thursday Farmers Market in Cumberland, Shift in Frostburg, MD and Mountainside Creative in downtown Cumberland, MD.

To keep up to date with where you can purchase Basecamp Coffee contact them HERE

It all starts with the green bean:


Then we ROAST!:





Matthew Allaway; Precision Point



Dr. Matthew Allaway returns to discuss his  Precision Point medical device and company Perineologic.       The Precision Point allows Urologists to access the prostate through the perineum; for more accurate biopsy samples and creating a safer and more accurate method for prostate biopsy.  For the patient this means a safe, void of infection, non-invasive biopsy every time.

With a successful trip to Guys and Thomas Hospital  in London, Dr. Allaway demonstrated his free hand adapted method, the Urologists in London learned it quickly and easily making this product a valuable asset for NIH combating infection rates and cancer detection in patients.

Dr. Matthew Allaway is re-inventing the prostate biopsy and creating optimal patient care worldwide.











Grand Ole’ Ditch




I was able to sit down with some of the members of Grand Ole’ Ditch about a month ago at South Branch Studios, while they were putting the finishing touches on their new album “Unwind” . The band discusses their creative process and why this album really stands out from their previous work. The band will be releasing their NEW album at DelFest May 27, 2016 . Make sure to check out their website to purchase the new album and upcoming tour dates.