Yellow K Records Josh Grapes from Yellow K records joins us for today’s show. Josh has always dreamed of opening a record store and it happened this October 2016. Yellow K is also the name of his indie record label… Read More

Greg Malloy; Artist Greg Malloy is back for episode 80 to discuss his latest art show at the Gilchrist Gallery in Cumberland MD will be displayed for the entire month of August 2016. His latest show was inspired by the… Read More

Darrin Isom Darrin Isom is a talented photographer and teacher, and  last years winner of the National Photography Competition.  He is able to capture beautiful landscapes and portraits that draw you in and leave a lasting impression. As… Read More

Tama Scarpelli; Allegany Arts Council Tama Scarpelli joins us for today’s episode. Tama is a board member from the Allegany Arts Council and she is going to help fill up your calendar with events that are not to be missed. The… Read More

Mike Edelman; Blacksmith, Artist, Author

Mike Edelman joins us on our 50th episode!! Mike is a local blacksmith who in the past few months has written a book Experiments in Blacksmithing  and started a fantastic jewelry line called Ladies of Iron ; bold jewelry for bold… Read More

Jessica Muessen

Jessica joins us again discussing her Grateful Dead concert experience, and how her artwork helped raise over $13,000 for Head Count.ORG .  Jessica recently won a contest designing the new label for a wine by Chateau Diana . Jessica will… Read More

Meg Romero; Furniture-maker, Artist

Meg Romero joins us on today’s show. Meg is an award-winning furniture maker and artist, living and working in Cumberland, MD. Her furnishings inhabit a space with a lively, physical presence. She creates pieces that catch your eye… Read More

Plein Air, Patricia Hilton

This special edition of the podcast features Patricia Hilton of the planning committee for Mountain Maryland Plein Air. Patricia a pastel artist has participated in three Plein Air events in the past. She understands the time constraints of… Read More

Dave Romero, Photographer

The majority of Dave Romero’s adult life was spent as an electronics engineer and strategic marketing executive in the semiconductor industry, his camera was never far from reach especially during his travels abroad. His photography during this phase… Read More

The Art of V

  This week on the podcast we feature three of the five Frostburg State Alums featured in The Art of V (5); Susie Bucchino, Sharon Schade, and Michael Thompson. They will be displaying their art in the Saville… Read More