Michael Lipton

http://traffic.libsyn.com/recordtalklisten/M.lipton_-_8917_10.51_PM.mp3 The talented Michael Lipton joins us to discuss his upcoming show with his band the Carpenter Ants benefiting WFWM public radio. Mr. Lipton a very talented guitarist has been playing on  Mountain Stage for the past 30… Read More

Summer Music Academy; Karen Lau & Brent Weber

http://traffic.libsyn.com/recordtalklisten/Summer_Music_Academy__-_61717_10.32_AM.mp3 Karen Lau and Brent Weber stopped by the show to discuss the FSU Summer Music Academy, in it’s second year and very much a passion project for Karen, they have grown the Academy and 24 students will… Read More

Brian Oxford: Qworkstation

  http://traffic.libsyn.com/recordtalklisten/Oxford_2.mp3 Brain Oxford is back discussing his creative process and Qworkstation a place for creative people co-working in rural Oakland, Maryland. Brian has been spearheading Qworkshops which allows several different creatives to discuss their process and answer… Read More

Yellow K Records

http://traffic.libsyn.com/recordtalklisten/Yellow_K.mp3 Josh Grapes from Yellow K records joins us for today’s show. Josh has always dreamed of opening a record store and it happened this October 2016. Yellow K is also the name of his indie record label… Read More

Tom Dodd

http://traffic.libsyn.com/recordtalklisten/Tom_Dodd.mp3 We have made it to our 60th episode and we feature Tom Dodd who recently celebrated 60 times around the sun. This episode marks the first time we have hit the road to record our latest episode…. Read More

Jody Mosser; Musician

Jody joins us today and is playing live in studio an RTL first. Jody has been playing music since the age of 13 and his talent was nurtured throughout high school and college. Jody is a stringed instrument… Read More

Rob Maker & Jeff Henry; Vinyl Guru x2

Rob Marker and Jeff Henry are making their second appearance on the podcast together! We have a lively conversation discussing all things vinyl from buying a turntable to what to look for when purchasing a record. If you… Read More

Gina Powell, Musician & Artist

    Gina Powell joins us on today’s show!  Gina is a well rounded artist from playing and writing music, to painting beautiful works of art. She describes her sound and painting as a fun throwback style. She is currently… Read More

Steven Leyh, Downtown Cumberland

Welcome to the Record Talk Listen Page! The newest Podcast about events and people who make up the beautiful region of Cumberland! We were luck enough to have Steven Leyh for our first interview! Click the link below to… Read More